FRANKIE SILVER : an emerging recording artist based in New York City.

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Frankie SIlver is releasing his very first Album "Coming Alive".  The 5 track EP is a combination of a variety of different styles of dance, pop and electronic music.  His debut music video titled, "Dance Up On Me" was produced by Pop/Hip-Hop producer, Zaire Koalo ( producer of Demi Lovato, T.I).  Frankie had the privilege to work with chart topping producer Colin Brittain on his single "Someone Else's Eyes," AVAILABLE ON ITUNES June 1st 2018.

Frankie Silver began his professional career at the age of 6 with the Philadelphia Boys Choir.  He attended Philadelphia's Creative And Performing Arts High School training under the Dance, Film and Vocal departments. He has toured Italy with The International Opera Company, performed with the Royal Ballet of London and has choreographed and performed numerous times with Disney / ABC's national live televised productions.  At 19, Frankie suffered a career stopping and life changing injury when he severed his ulnar artery in a building collapse.

Listen to Frankie's Sirius XM Interview and full story by clicking play on the player below.. 

After reconstructive surgeries and several years of physical therapy , Frankie was finally able to pursue the dream he had always envisioned before him.

This ever appropriately titled album "Coming Alive" is a true culmination of Frankie's trials and struggles. Through its uplifting club "bangers" and irresistibly catchy beats , this album is a reflection of Frankie's positive energy and embodies that force inside that drives us forward each day.

"This album is a true reflection of my inner spirit. I want to amplify the positive vibes I feel inside myself and heal the world through my music"

- Frankie Silver